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A Luxury brand for craftsmanship items handMade in Italy, Uniques and Exclusive

Unique and Exclusive Italian Lux is a brand specialized in making lighting devices and furniture items. The personal working skills, the attention given to details, the choices made about design and technique and the attitude to dare, give life to an idea that is the raw material for each item we produce.
The Idea that shows itself in every object as a distinct finger print.

Flightflow Technology, Sardinian Ceramic Sculptures and working on Stones and Marbles, are our three lines of production.
Every piece is completely made in Italy. The historical background, creativity and craft tradition that characterizes the indication “Made in Italy” can easily be seen in every piece.
The various phases of the manufacturing process, starting from the design, passing through the planning and the making of the final product, are all carried out inside by either us or a network of collaborators carefully chosen.

The techniques of production, avant-garde with the times, are strongly connected with the local manufacturing tradition, preserving the craftsmanship of each item, connecting it with the traditions in that particular land and making it a unique piece born from the hands of the “person” who made it. The attention given to details, an inherent expression of the actual performance, the capacity to be meticulous and concentrate, the gradual improvement and overcoming of limits, give to each piece such an artistic value that it becomes unique and unrepeatable.
The selection of raw materials, the planning and the production phase have “safety” as the central point of the whole process.