Custom Projects

Being able to perceive what is going on, is not just a matter of intuition, it is the ability to give shape to the final result, to foresee what will be, by drawing from one’s skills and experience.
Every custom project is born out of the personal idea of a person who puts it forward and by doing so shows the desire to communicate his or her own idea and personal taste in a unique way. It is a personal attitude for expressing yourself.
That which makes “Unique and Exclusive Italian Lux” a distinct, solid, qualified partner who would be able to make your Luminous Sculpture and eventually take you on a productive and artistic journey as the central figure, is its competence when it comes to follow the customer in the various phases of production, its ability to focus on expectations and gather the necessary information, putting forward suggestions and evaluating choices together with the customer through the whole process without neglecting a single detail. Your inner self will be reflected in every glow cast by the Synthetic Crystal in its different shapes.
The Light Sculpture is a new unrepeatable trip.
By means of the careful use of the Flight Flow Technology, every Light Sculpture becomes a unique and iconic piece of work that cannot be reproduced or compared to any other piece and will also be able to meet the most elaborate customized requests.
Our customers pay a great deal of attention to details. They are nonconformists who love experimenting.