Ceramical Sculptures

The “sense of belonging” to one’s land can be seen in the Sardinian Ceramic Sculptures.
The artistic expression of knowing how to mould, the waiting time that drags on during the break times of the process, the choice of the colours, based on what will be the final result, are all part of a complex manufacturing process that ends up in not only a beautiful piece but a real masterpiece.
The artist needs to exhibit competence, imagination and mastering of the various steps and stages of the production process to finish each single piece. He will have to go through the main phases of the process such as firing, pigmentation and fritting checking for possible corrections and paying attention to details in order to guarantee the making of a successful sculpture. It is a slow process that goes from firing at 900°C to the cooling period of time at room temperature. The making of every sculpture may vary from 240 days to about 300 days.
To exhibit a piece like this involves not only the capacity to choose but also the courage to dare, to venture and be curious about tradition, namely that of Sardinian Ceramic Sculptures which remind the shapes and colours of a tradition that wants to project itself onto the future as beautiful as it has always been and not bound by time.
All the present and future works are and will be unique items as far as their colour, shape, inspiration and creativity is concerned.