Stones and Marbles

The preciousness of simple veining is recognized when you are able to describe it well.
Working with stone, highlighting its natural beauty, is the culmination of craftsmanship, in a sense of uniqueness, applied to artist’s ability to exalt elements with his or her single touch. A drawing of veining and lights that get closer and go away from each other, that fuse and confuse into each other, as if they had never been separated before.
The light diffuses neatly, the stone is not “one single piece” anymore but “a whole piece” in itself.
The working techniques makes use of advanced technologies and they are applied in such a way that they don’t seem to have interacted with the final result. The capacity and virtuosity necessary to make these sculptures make us realize how a natural element such as stone can still keep its elegance and beauty, as long as these attributes are acknowledge and not forced with the use of some technical skills.
Illuminating each and every sculpture makes us feel proud and satisfied about our job and it is a part of our creative and expressive journey.